PM Modi Did What Manmohan Singh Didn’t: Nirmala Sitharaman

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Sunday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi played the role of “perfect chowkidar” by giving Pakistan a befitting reply after the Pulwama terror attack.

Participating in the panel discussion ‘Ensuring India’s National Security’, the Defence Minister said that, “What Manmohan Singh did not do, Modi did. He acted like the perfect chowkidar and gave Pakistan a befitting reply.”

“After Mumbai attack, the government then did not have the guts to give a befitting reply to Pakistan. They sat right, gave statements, said they would talk, make them understand. OK, do all that. We will also do. But so long, we had been suffering,” she said.

“And Pakistan continued to claim before the world that they are themselves victims of terrorism. You are grooming terrorists, training them, and sending them to India. And claim you are the victims of terrorism… then take action as per law against them,” Sitharaman added.

Speaking about the India’s Balakot airstrike, she said that, “we had very strong and specific intelligence input about the terror camp being run in Balakot. We also had information through several channels that they had been planning more such suicide attacks.”

The Defence Minister further said even after the Indian government had given evidence to Pakistan, the latter failed to take any action.

“We had given many evidences to Pakistan after Pulwama. But they failed to take action. Prime Minister studied every minute details and thought on this. Pakistan always claims that they are also the victims of terrorism. If you (Pakistan) are a victim of terrorism, why don’t you remove it? That’s why Modi Ji did what Manmohan Singh Ji didn’t do,” said Sitharaman.


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