Rahul Gandhi attacks PM Modi on rising fuel prices and Rafale deal

On Saturday, September 29, Congress President Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi, on the rising fuel and Rafale fighter jet deal, in his speech while addressing a gathering at Baikunthpur of Rewa district in poll bound Madhya Pradesh. Rahul Gandhi was on two day visit for election campaign in Madhya Pradesh.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Crude oil prices were 140 dollar per barrel in international market during the UPA regime. These rates have come down to 70 dollars (in global market) now. But, the prices of petrol and diesel in India have been going up. Whose pockets are being filled with high prices? Why is the prime minister not speaking on price rise of petrol and diesel?

Gandhi said, “Narendra Modi used to ask the people, whether they are getting petrol at Rs 50 now. Yes, the people are getting half-a-litre petrol in Rs 50 now”.

Gandhi attacked PM Modi and BJP ministers on Rafale deal saying that the BJP ministers lied when we asked about the price. He alleged that the ruling government is giving benefit to a group of industrialists and ignoring the poor farmers. He said that Ambani didn’t have any experience of making the aircrafts but he received the order of Rafale worth of Rs 30,000 crore.

Gandhi said, “But the Modi government gave this deal to industrialist Anil Ambani and hiked the planes procurement price. When we asked about the price, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharama lied that there was a secret clause. But, French President said that there is no such secret pact”.

Gandhi critisised the Madhya Pradesh ruling BJP government for making announcements only and not fulfilling them, he said, “As Shivraj comes on the stage, even a five-year-old child says that a ‘Ghoshana Machine’ (announcement machine) has come. No work on ground only announcements”.

Rahul Gandhi wrapped up his two days visit to Madhya Pradesh on Saturday.

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