Rajya Sabha passes General Category Quota Bill

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the quota bill was “historic” and it would “remove the feeling of injustice” that existed in some communities. He also spoke on the Citizenship Bill and assured the people of Assam and other northeastern states that their rights wouldn’t be compromised.

The Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill, seeking to provide 10 per cent reservation to the economically weaker sections among general category, was passed in the Rajya Sabha Wednesday. The Bill, which was passed in the Lok Sabha yesterday, was cleared in the Upper House today with 165 votes.

Earlier in the day, the Opposition accused BJP of playing “politics” and questioned the timing of the quota Bill. They demanded that the Bill be sent to a select committee for scrutiny. Congress leader Anand Sharma said, “You brought the bill in haste because you had to before the Model Code of Conduct comes into force, thinking that if not 2 crore then let’s dangle a carrot in front of the public, show them another dream that Modi Ji made arrangements for their children’s employment.”

Sharma also accused the government of not taking the Opposition into confidence. “There is no consent from the Opposition. The situation is such that there is no dialogue between the Opposition and the government.”

“I want to congratulate the country because the (quota) bill would give the common poor a 10% reservation. Every community should get an opportunity to prosper, the feeling of injustice should end, the poor may be from any region, but they should get the fruits and opportunities of development,” Modi had said during a rally in Solapur.


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