Russian military has completed the delivery of S-300 missile system to Syria: Russian Defence Minister

On Tuesday, October 2, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said in a meeting of Russia’s Security Council that, Russian military has completed the delivery of S-300 air defence system to Syrian military.

Shoigu said, “We have embarked on a number of activities aimed at strengthening the air defence systems of the Syrian Arab Republic in order to ensure better protection for our military personnel”.

He added, “We have completed the delivery of S-300 complexes. This includes 49 pieces of equipment, illuminating laser radio locators, defence priority systems, control vehicles and four missile launchers”.

He said that the work was completed a day ago. Last week Russian foreign minister said that Russia has started delivery of S-300 air defence missile system to Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin took the decision to deploy modern S-300 air defence missile system to Syria within two weeks, after Russian military plane IL-20 was downed near Syria’s Latakia port city during a missile attack by Israeli planes.

In response to Putin’s decision to deploy S-300 system to Syria, US has warned that it will be a ‘big mistake’ and cited it as a serious escalation.

After deployment of S-300 system, Russia has a control of up to 200 km close area from where the attacks were launched on Syria.

Russian defence minister Shoigu said, “We now control a close zone of up to 50 Km and far zone of 200 km from where attacks on the Syrian territory were launched”.

Israel has opposed the Russia’s decision of deployment of S-300 in Syria and considers it a threat to its security. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the Israel’s operation in Syria will continue despite deployment of S-300 missile system. Russia also said that the deployment of missile system is a part of new security measure of its service personnel in Syria.

Earlier Israel accepted that it carried out more than 200 air strikes and missile attacks in Syria in last one year.

Russia and Iran are allies of Syria government in the ongoing war between Bashar Al Assad government and Syrian Rebels.

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