A threating letter to target next rally of PM Narendra Modi, found in train

A threating letter signed by ISIS and written by Pakistan based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammad has revealed plots to target a rally of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and to blow up another train by targeting Shatabdi Express and exchange of Rs five crore as bonus for the same.

The letter was received at the home and general administration. Goa Police have circulated this letter to all the police stations in the state and handed over the case to the Anti Terrorist Squad (ATS).

Senior superintendent of police, Ananta Deo, said the letter was kept in a plastic bag. “All the agencies of state police are investigating this letter. We will soon be able to find the source of it,” the police official said.

The threating letter begun with a message from Jaish-e-Mohammad and talked about carrying out a blast during a public meeting of PM Modi. “A 10-foot long pole has been split to stuff 2 kg RDX. That would be used in a stage at a meeting to be addressed by PM Modi. That you can do by becoming labour or contractor,” as per the content of the letter.

However, it does not specify the place and venue of the rally. The letter allegedly mentioned a plan to conduct blast at a spot 30 km from Kanpur on Delhi-Kanpur road on February 27.

The letter, written in Hindi with red ink further addressed to Dharwad SP reportedly by the terrorists of Pak Mujahideen, stated that the members will kill PM Narendra Modi as he had not done anything for the farmers except from swallowing the people’s money.

The Additional Director General of Police (Law and Order) Kamal Pant, who is in the city to look after the security arrangement, told Department Head that the police had taken all precautions to ensure smooth and proper conduct of the BJP rally so that all the government  projects by the PM goes peacefully.

“We have received the letter. But even before receiving any letter, we had taken all security measures as per the blueprint” the ADGP said.

ISIS was written at the bottom of the postcard,” the official confirmed. The letter signed by ISIS that says the terror outfit will kill PM Narendra Modi and defence minister Manohar Parrikar for banning beef in India. The letter has immensely expressed anger over ban on cow slaughter in the country.

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