“If attacked, India will give befitting reply to Pakistan” : Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu

“India has been acting with restraint despite grave provocations but if attacked will give a reply the aggressor will be unable to forget”,  Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu said.

“In spite of grave provocations, you must be seeing in the recent past, we are not doing anything, but if somebody attacks you, we will give a reply to them which they will not be able to forget for the rest of their lives”, Naidu said without referring to any country.

He made all the statements after launching a compilation of 95 speeches delivered by President Ram Nath Kovind during his second year in office. His remarks are alson an outcome of heightened tensions between India and Pakistan after the abolishment of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

The books titled ‘Republican Ethic (vol. 2)’ and ‘Loktantra ke Swar (khand 2)’ have been brought out by the I&B ministry. “India has always strongly adhered to the values of peace and cooperation but warned the country would give a befitting reply to any act of aggression against it”,  said  M Venkaiah Naidu mentioning one of the quote from the books on India’s commitment to protecting the sovereignty of the country through peaceful means.

“If you go through the history of India, it was never an aggressor, never attacked any country in spite of being known as ‘vishwaguru’ (world leader), in spite of having maximum GDP, much before others. India never attacked any other country,” Naidu said. “All other Tom, Dick and Harry came and attacked us, ruled us, ruined us and cheated us… But we Indians, never attacked any country,” Naidu further said.

“The problems could be resolved through discussion, debate and decision and that is the way forward”, he said.

“If you want to live in harmony, in peace, you must live together, work together, and then move together. That is the philosophy of India,” the vice president said.

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