Lok sabha election, a battle for India’s soul and its future: Shashi Tharoor

A day before TMC’s brigade rally in Kolkata, Congress MP Shashi Tharoor wished for its success and said the opposition parties must come together to save the country from present danger.

“The next election is not just an election in the ordinary course, it is a battle for India’s soul and for its future and there the Opposition parties all stand together. I definitely hope for its success,” said the Congress MP.

Speaking on the sidelines of an event at NSHM Knowledge Campus, Tharoor described the 2019 general election as “a battle for India’s soul and its future.”

Tharoor said that the Congress stands by the opposition parties up against the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance government. “Congress President Rahul Gandhi has been really clear that the Congress stands very much with the other Opposition parties,” Tharoor said.

“There is clear perception in the country that this government which we have seen since 2014 has taken us in alarming dangerous directions, undermining democracy,” he said.

Earlier on Friday, Gandhi wrote to Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee and extended support to the mega rally. “I extend my support to Mamata Di on this show of unity and hope that we send a powerful message of a united India together,” he said.

Banerjee on Thursday had said that the rally would sound the death knell for the BJP in this year’s Lok Sabha elections. “Every political party has a vision… this will be a grand alliance of people,” she added.

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