PM Narendra Modi biopic hits the silver screen with a box office collection of 2.88 crore

PM Narendra Modi bioepic was delayed during Lok Sabha 2019 election, but now it has hit the big for almost after a month. Earlier, the film was initially to be released on April 5 before being postponed to April 11.

“The film couldn’t be released till May 19, the last phase of the Lok Sabha Elections 2019. The makers then shifted the release date to May 24, a day after the results were counted”, said EC.

Vivek Oberoi’s PM Narendra Modi biopic is directed by  Omung Kumar made a box office collection of 2.88 crore. “The film is not propanganda as it has been slammed by critics for its almost veneration of the Prime Minister”, said the producer and makers of the biopic.

On the other hand, the opposition parties stated the bioepic as one of the propaganda during 2019 Lok Sabha Elections. To which the actor Vivek Oberoi’s replied “The thing about cinema is that it is all about perspective. There is no right and wrong in a perspective. Anything that is creative has a perspective. It is not a documentary. It is not bland stating of facts. It is cinematic. The idea is that it is an emotional journey. It is intended to inspire and there is a perspective to it.”

“I am sure there are a lot of film critics who are anti-Modi in their political ideologies and I know that in their reviews they will reflect that. They won’t separate their personal beliefs and their job. They will say that since it is a Modi movie, I will hammer these guys and this is something I have accepted from day one. I know he (Modi) does divide people. There are people who are scared of him and there are people who believe he is the only solution and the saviour of this nation”, he added.

“PM Narendra Modi had a lukewarm start in the morning but picked up speed as day 1 progressed… Evening shows witnessed better occupancy… Friday India business is Rs 2.88 crore”, tweeted Taran Adarsh.qodi was 25 years old in 1975. The film depicts the journey of Narendra Modi’s  from his early days in the RSS to his rise as the chief minister of Gujarat and finally as the Prime Minister of India.

“The buzz around PM Narendra Modi has died down a bit. Earlier, the talk about the movie was more concentrated towards a political agenda and now you see at it purely as a biopic of a political leader. So, I peg it’s opening day collection somewhere around Rs 2 crore”, said film trade analyst Girish Johar.

Sunidhi Bhatti

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