“We aren’t slaves of ‘Italian’ government anymore” says Kangna Ranaut

Bold and fearless bollywood actresses Kangana Ranaut has said that we Indians aren’t slaves of ‘Italian’ government anymore.

In context to the Italian government, here the 32-year-old, is referring ‘congress’ as an Italian government and the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, who was born and raised in Italy. Sonia Gandhi was the president of the Congress party for nearly two decades before handing over all the responsibilities to her son Rahul Gandhi in December 2017.

Making people aware about the ‘Right to Vote’  she said that it’s a very important day. This day comes once in five years and Indians should wisely make use of it.” I feel India is gaining independence in the real sense of the term today. Because before this, we were servants of the Mughal, the British and the Italian governments. Please exercise your ‘Swaraj (independence)’ and vote.” she added.

After casting her vote at a polling station in Khar area she, said, “This (polling day) is a very important day for us, it comes only once in five years. I feel India is gaining independence today in real sense. Earlier, Indians were slaves of British, Mughal and Italian governments. Please exercise your Swaraj (independence) and vote.”

“The political leaders used to chill in London and the country used to suffer from an array of issues like poverty, pollution, rapes etc. The situation in our country was worst when Congress was in power. Now that our time has come, we should vote in large numbers,” she added.

The polling was held for 72 seats across nine states which included five seats in bihar, one in Jammu & Kashmir, three seats in Jharkhand, six in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa, 13 in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, eight in West Bengal and 17 in Maharashtra.

An overall voter turnout was found to be of 64.05 per cent which  was registered in the fourth phase of polling. Seven-phase elections will end on May 19, and results will be declared on May 23.

Sunidhi Bhatti

Sunidhi Bhatti is a Post graduate in Mass Communications and Electronic Media. She is a young enthusiast who loves to write on political affairs and always satisfied with her work. Besides a content writer, she is a vocalist also.

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