India China to have bigger results on global issues, Macron says

On Wednesday, September 26, 2018 French President Emmanuel Macron said that we need to gather big players like India and China to have much bigger result on global issues such as health, education, climate change and global poverty alleviation.

Macron was speaking in “Goalkeepers” event of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundations on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly in New York. Recently Gates Foundation released the Goalkeepers data report on global poverty and urged for third wave of poverty alleviation in African countries. Gates advocated for investment in health and education for poverty alleviation.

In his speech Macron said, “We need to gather the big players, we need to get China and India to have much bigger results… We agree to disagree on many topics, but let’s go as much as can on these issues. I want to open topic by topic, so that, for Instance, India and China become permanently involved on issues”.

Macron stressed on education of young girls in African countries, He said, “One of the critical issue of African demography is that this is not chosen fertility. I always say: Present me the woman who decided, being perfectly educated, to have seven, eight or nine children. Please present me with the young girl who decided to leave school at 10 in order to be married at 12”.

He said, “This is just because a lot of girls were not properly educated, sometimes because these countries decided the rights of these girls were not exactly the same rights as the young man. This is not acceptable.”

Macron admitted his mistake of focusing on Africa’s future and not referring to the colonial past in his initial speeches, he said, “The future of African young people is not to be built with the misrepresentation and mistakes of the past and to be very straightforward, the future of the African young is not to leave Africa. The future of African young people is not to hope to become like a Europe or America of 80s, but like an Africa of the 21st century”.

During the event Gates praised India’s move of building toilets under Swachh Bharat Mission and said that India should move toilets that burns the waste.


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