Narendra Modi is workaholic, Rahul loves holidays: Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah on Tuesday while addressing an election rally at Masaurhi that falls under Patliputra Lok Sabha seat talked about how Narendra Modi has been working 18 hours a day for around two decades without taking a leave, while Congress president Rahul Gandhi dashes off to undisclosed foreign destinations at the slightest discomfort.

“I have known Modi for a long time. For the past 20 years he has not taken a leave. He works 18 hours a day for the people. We also have Rahul Baba. Whenever the mercury rises a bit, he runs away to some country of his choice, often leaving even his mother wondering where his son is,” Shah said.

“The world has started looking at India differently ever since we taught Pakistan sponsored terrorists a lesson by the surgical strike and, recently, the Balakot air strike. We are now considered as being in the same league with the US and Israel,” the BJP president claimed.

Making fun of the Congress President, Shah continued to say that, “Rahul baba, you are free to croon Ilu Ilu with the terrorists. But under Narendra Modi, every goli fired by them will be retaliated with a gola.”

“Ilu” is an acronym for “I Love You” popularized by a Bollywood song in the 1990s.

Urging people to vote in favour of BJP, the BJP President said that, “On the one hand you have the leadership of Narendra Modi who is committed to national security and working tirelessly to improve the lives of ordinary Indians. On the other hand, you have an alliance whose members are interested only in their dynasties.”

BJP has nominated Ram Kripal Yadav for the May 19 poll of the Lok Sabha election away.

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