US building stronger bonds with countries like India to support open Indo-Pacific: Pence

On Thursday, October 4, The Vice President of the United States Mike Pence said that US is building stronger bond with countries like India to advance its vision of free and open Indo-Pacific.

Vice President said in a speech at Hudson Institute that US is forging new trade agreements with countries for fair trade and will begin negotiations for the same with Japan as well, as it did with South Korea.

Pence said, “To advance our vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific, we’re building new and stronger bonds with nations that share our values, across the region – from India to Samoa. 

He said, “Our relationships will flow from a spirit of respect, built on partnership, not domination”.

Pence said, “We’re forging new trade deals, on a bilateral basis, just as last week, President (Donald) Trump signed an improved trade deal with South Korea, and we will soon begin negotiating a historic bilateral free-trade deal with Japan”.

Considering China’s growing military presence and influence in the region, Pence said that US Navy will continue to operate in the South China Sea as per international law (freedom of navigation) despite reckless harassment from China and US will take new measures to support free and open Indo-Pacific.

He said, “There, we will unveil new measures and programs to support a free and open Indo-Pacific – and on behalf of the President, I will deliver the message that America’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific has never been stronger”.

Recently a Chinese Luyang class destroyer approached the USS warship within a range of 45 yard, in South China Sea, that that US Navy cited it extremely close.

Later the statement of Chinese Ministry of Defence said that its ship gave the warning to the US warship to leave the area it entered without permission.

US renamed its Asia-Pacific command the ‘Indo-Pacific’ Command, its oldest military command, in June 2018.

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